I’ve had a wonderful and enjoyable career.  My first job straight out of college was at Ardrey, Inc. This small public industrial relations firm and it’s owner, “Doc” Ardrey taught me more about communication than I ever learned in school, and allowed me to make a living doing what I loved–writing.  My years at Dana, Inc. an advertising firm gave me experience in working for major corporations–Dow Jones, AT&T, and Merrill Lynch, and paved the way for me to eventually join Merrill Lynch’s marketing department.  At Merrill Lynch, I marketed nearly every type of financial product and service, worked with every level of management, and produced every type of communication.

I started Arlan Inc, a content-development firm, for my father when he retired from AT&T.  AT&T was his first client.  When my father retired from Arlan, I left Merrill Lynch and took over the company.  Merrill Lynch was my first client.  Arlan was born of a family tradition of communications excellence that spans three generations. What began with my grandfather and a small-town print shop in 1930 evolved into an internet-based editorial, marketing, and publicity services firm that serves large and small companies nationwide.

Today I work at Wightman & Associates is an instructional design firm.  W&A was a client of mine for years before they asked me to join the firm as their Director of Distance Learning and Instructional Technology in 2009.

I am grateful that I’ve been able to build a career doing what I love.  I’ve had the honor to work with small firms and large; local and international.  From small manufacturers to companies like Merrill Lynch, Edison Plastics, and Morgan Stanley; plus government agencies such as FEMA and the CDC.

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