Pumpkin Pickin’


Back in the day, pumpkin pickin’ was an hours-long event; a road trip with friends, all our kids in tow, to a local farm to walk through acres of pumpkins to select just the right one for each family member. The pickin’ was complemented with farm-stand apple cider and baked treats. Maybe we’d buy a pumpkin pie for dessert that night. And the kids would start planning the faces they’d have me carve into the pumpkin just before Halloween.

This year, my wife and I went to Lowe…s for a toilet flapper. We picked up some mums for the front gardens and while in the garden shop saw a small stand of pumpkins. “We should get a pumpkin” one of us said. “yeah” the other replied. 30 seconds later, there were two in our cart.

What these pumpkins lack in fanfare they more than make up for with memories. These pumpkins remind us of falls past, of days when every little thing was a celebration; an event. When there was anticipation and joy and planning and hope attached to what is little more than a gourd.

I thank my kids for that.


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