Matching Outfits


While for the most part, the 1970s was a great decade (friends, music, cars…) one of the less fortunate aspects of the time was matching outfits. I avoided them at all costs (let’s not talk about the GKL speedos, ok?). And to this day, I still avoid any fashion that might cause someone to think I’m being retro-cute. As my wife will attest, if she and I end up wearing so much as the same colors, I go change.

Today, I realized that the winter coat I painstakingly chose for my dog for days when the temperatures dip into the single digits—a coat without so much as a single pom-pom, sequin, skull, or slogan; the least silly, simple-brown, dog coat I could find—is the exact color and fabric of the winter coat I wear when I walk him. We’ve been parading around the neighborhood like this for months now.

Not even JC Penny ever marketed matching man/dog outfits. I’m going shopping.

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